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Who is Lili of Studiolili?

I am a Graphic Designer, trained in Commercial Art at

Sophia Polytechic, Mumbai.

After working for years in the advertising industry I switched to the art form of painting on canvas.

Acrylics and I hit it off from the very beginning. My themes have always been drawn from nature and the contrasts in life’s stories, therefore it is no surprise that progression led me to my current passion…STUDIOlili

What is lili’s Mantra?

I love collecting and the putting it all together, I’m sure most people do.
If you love something, IT WILL WORK!
Where is the shame in recycling, just plain shopping for fun, focused shopping gone wrong, shopping for nostalgia ….

Moving into a new space or redoing your current space and replicating it all over again……….WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT ?!!

What makes Lili of

Nature, nostalgia, contrasts , minute details, intrigue, sensual, exotic, rustic charm, ethereal, spiritual. An unapologetic dive into philosophical & sensorial contemplation.

Lili Menon-Studio Lili Profile